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Internships and Other Help

Here are a few good internship sites to look at, and I will be posting individual internships I find later:


UCI internship list

MTV Internships

LA Casting (Helpful for Actors, here you can find photographers for headshots, casting directors, agents and much more!)

Central Casting- Great for Actors!

Extras Management- Actors! Great for background work!

Talent Hunter- Great for Actors!

The network is called the Independent Network of Student Filmmakers specifically made to connect student filmmakers from different colleges.


Independent Network of Student Filmmakers on NING

Hey Guys,

INSF is a social networking group for student filmmakers. Either you need help on a film your working on or you're looking for a film to work on and that is where INSF comes in. We are here to shake up the student filmmaking world and get some real collaboration going on! Why hasn't this been done before people? We all know that networking is key in the world of film so why not join and get a head start!?!

Join INSF and we'll find that editor you need to finish making your moive, or well get you that college film that you can star in. Remember INSF is here to help you.

We are using this Ning Social Web Site to keep everything organized. If you join you can make a text box like this one and put up a bio of who you are and what you do. It would also be great to have a picture of yourself up as well. So you will have your own profile within the group, sweet!

Other INSF Officers:
Jackson Boothe
INSF Sr. Representative from OCC
Gabriel Montoya
INSF Sr. Representative from UCLA
Nick Mattern
Official INSF Sr. Advisor
Bob Bishop
Board of Directors

Contact Us!
Bobby Bishop
INSF President
INSF Web Site:
Twitter: insftweet
Facebook Group:

TV Producer Endorses INSF Concept!

INSF President Bobby Bishop spoke with Paul Fishman from ABC’s hit show Dancing With The Stars. Mr. Fishman shares how he gained success in Hollywood and gives his opinion on networking in the entertainment industry.

“Trust me when I say it isn’t easy to make it big in the entertainment industry. It took a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get into the position I’m in today; but actually it took even more phone calls, emails, and every other type of networking tool available for me to achieve the level of success I have. Networking is the key to entry into the world of professional entertainment. It’s also the driver for long-term survival in this business. It is the friend from college who gets you a job on his next feature film, or the writer you meet at a social networking event that you collaborate with on your next script. It’s a crazy unorganized spider web but it’s the life force behind the entertainment industry. Never forget, the next person you meet could be your big break!”

Paul Fishman
Senior Field Producer/Dancing With The Stars



Q. Is there anyone who has a question for met about INSF, because I want to get all confusion out of the way?

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Started by Bobby Bishop Oct 20, 2009.



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